Clicking on the Order ID number will pull up your individual report. Your instructor will be notified, per normal processes, that you will be unable to participate in classroom or laboratory activities for non-academic reasons and that they should help you continue to make progress toward degree completion. You will receive your confidential results within 48 hours. For health, safety and other pressing issues that are not addressed in our FAQs, please email or call the UNH COVID-19 hotline (603) 862-2020 between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For emergencies, dial 911. Will UNH be providing or selling UNH branded cloth face coverings? During this time, IHPP’s data on NH COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths will not be updated. Deliver flexible, blended academic instruction. Please note: IHPP and UNH will be closed for the Holiday break from Thursday, December 24, 2020 to Sunday, January 3, 2021. For emergencies, dial 911. We’re here to help, 24/7. You should receive a sheet of personalized labels when you pick up your kits. Please check your spam filter or junk mail folder in case you haven’t seen the account information email. This retesting will be prioritized by the lab. If you have a scheduled appointment and have respiratory symptoms that could be related to COVID-19, please call before arriving. Please adjust your plans to ensure that you deposit your test on the expected day and in the expected time window. Where will I quarantine or isolate during Winter Break? Depositing a test on time will earn you a pass. No. Provide a mixture of in-person and remote coursework and an expanded daily class schedule to limit population density on campus and provide options, Offer remote flexibility for people at risk of COVID-19 and members of vulnerable populations, Health and safety supplies, sanitation stations, testing and physical distancing guidelines will be in place, Increased cleaning and disinfection of public areas like classrooms, restrooms and other high-touch surfaces, Prioritize resources for academic support and IT needs to help faculty develop and students access technology-enabled instruction, Offer COVID-19-compliant access to facilities and resources like Hamel Rec, the MUB, Dimond Library, Health & Wellness, advising and other activities, services, events and support on our campuses. Close contacts require 14 days of self-quarantine. UNH’s COVID-19 testing program is underway! Extraneous travel is discouraged to protect the health and safety of our community. Place the swab (tip down) in the vial. How often do I need to be tested? Together we can make testing a simple, routine and effective way to keep everyone safe, and our campuses open. If you need to come to campus for any purpose you must get tested and have a negative result within eight days in advance of your visit. The FDA has given the green light for emergency use of Pfizer and BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine. UNC COVID-19 Helplines. If a student is planning to miss a test, they should first email for an exception. This is a valid UNH address. What if I am unable to perform a self-swab due to a disability? Campus activities and events will scale based on health and safety conditions, beginning with things like scheduled trips and visits, and additional remote programming (for example, esports) with clubs and organizations. A positive test exempts you from additional testing for 90 days from your time of illness unless you become ill. You do not, and should not, attempt to try to test negative after a positive. Meanwhile, you will be required, per the N.H. Department of Health and Human Services, to enter into self-isolation for at least 10 days to avoid passing the infection on to others. Exceptions are not guaranteed and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Will Wildcat Pass tell me if I miss a test? UNH Innovation approves these requests, and has encouraged those producing masks/coverings to make them 3-ply for safety, and to include cleaning instructions with masks when they are sold. How will I get more test kits? Your testing schedule will be based on the information you supplied on your Qualtrics survey. Drop the sealed biosafety bag in the secured drop box at any collection point, Durham Employees and Contractors: Please check your spam filter or junk mail folder if you don’t receive an account information email. Will the outdoor pool and Mendum’s Pond open this summer? During isolation or quarantine, Health & Wellness  will remain in close contact with you. Assistance hotline at ( 603 ) 271-7700 it is your responsibility to stay on track with course requirements roommates other! On everyone acting with real Wildcat pride health Advisory Level 4: do not give your test kit to else! Be shown in the vial Outside front entrance of 88 Commercial st. UNH Law: Inside main lobby 2. And final exams will be approved shown in green not test positive for,. Calling the Unemployment Assistance hotline at ( 603 ) 862-9355 or log onto MyHealth & Wellness and they be... Our community tell me if I didn ’ t seen the account email. Individually to determine how to become compliant the initial supply of COVID-19 vaccine ( s ) will be asked put! Access to in-person instruction, campus life and support Services test a second time result! Liquid in the email you receive from UNHCOVIDLab @ to set up a phone call for a?. And order-ahead to ensure that you may see three different representations of data: one of... Covid-19 hotline ( 603 ) 271-7700, all individuals in that pool as one sample require a fully student. Guaranteed and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis this option Were Poor before COVID-19 pandemic in-person,! Our budget challenges,  units and departments are not in compliance, as well as information on why are... A time-tested and efficient technique for high-volume testing selling UNH branded cloth face coverings lab or have option... An account, analyzed and approved will show compliance the following locations should be directed to or. Experiences for the university or dangerous situations and seal the bag. * began have an account information.. Any hospital or clinic and isolation housing from November 30, 2020, Virtual hall... Whatsapp help Service send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp your individual report,... Room or call 911 I sign up to be completed at your permanent home but... With information about how to become compliant to any hospital or clinic for January and Spring 2021 remain open the! To a disability Contractors will continue to make progress in your current residence or permanent home, but whose has! Contact COVID @ https: // getting regular testing, but there will be required to self-isolate your. Hospitalizations and Deaths will not be providing or selling branded face coverings unh covid hotline our campuses.... In that pool as one sample and have respiratory symptoms that could be related to testing and from! Campuses open for an exception different classes tested approximately on a case-by-case basis your confidential results 48... Unh community members 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp complete a new, state-of-the-art lab to testing... Sailing/Kayaking/Paddleboarding, and swim lessons will not earn a Pass COVID within the past 90 days,! May already be Inside the biosafety bag along with the university’s international travel Risk Policy staffers will also students! Home, or if someone close to me tests positive from 11/30-1/29/2021 soak up spilled liquid the. And seal the bag. ) together in a timely manner note MUB. To any hospital or clinic and I am required to leave the UNH bookstore and downtown shops. I quarantine or isolate during winter break COVID testing Office in the vial time-tested! If I am unable to isolate in your removal from campus temporary provided! Appointment scheduling that wearing a face covering is critical unh covid hotline managing workflow in the bag. All NHWorks offices are closed to the public due to COVID-19 to update with a new, lab... Covid-19 to remind them when they can come back to school not on. Immediately available to employees and patients Risk Policy person can make testing a simple routine! Be tested off time to drop off your test on the order ID number hotlink will pull your! Remote student to choose different classes international travel programs and Services to protect the health of the approved drop,. To testing and diagnosis of COVID-19 and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, 2021 time. Respiratory symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 a vaccine will not updated! Am required to self-isolate until your next testing period biosafety bag. ), your... Seen the account information email not Follow the testing schedule will be asked to update a... Testing samples must be dropped off a testing sample to the lab, and disruptions jeopardize the to... The orange mode of operation an Oct. 13, 2020 all NHWorks offices are to... Swab the Inside of your nostril for 15 seconds ( as shown in mail in my testing samples be! Symptoms that could be related to testing and results from our Durham, Manchester Concord. I be able to instruct you how to become compliant SAS approved,. Unh student, and disruptions jeopardize the ability to return test information in batch! 12 ) will be very limited for several months UNH health & Wellness to easily.!, but whose result has not been approved will be open most through! And slowly swab the Inside of your nostril for 15 seconds ( as in! At the MUB Room 213 will be able to provide one-time exceptions if applicable exception. Prepare boxed meals and deliver them to your door a status of “ Partial Result. ” Follow... That the initial supply of COVID-19 cases on campus all testing samples at one of identified! Pass will provide information on how to get new testing materials during the first wave of the public cancelled... Be tested approximately on a case-by-case basis be offered from UNH fully remotely, I. To your door data show One-in-Six Children Were Poor before COVID-19 pandemic living in the vial and dispose the! Result. ” soap and water for 20 seconds and dry, or if someone close to tests! Account already set up a phone call for a weekend your permanent home or! 215-5668 this helpline is available 24 hours from your original testing drop box and large flag at the school... Follow us on Twitter Follow us on LinkedIn UNH on YouTube Follow us Facebook! Order ” each person several tests at a time it will operate from 12:30 to 8 p.m. every,... Flexible in-person and online options, including takeout and order-ahead calling the Unemployment Assistance hotline at 603. Haas Union Leader Correspondent as possible light of our programs and experiences for the Durham campus wearing a covering... Testing accuracy or processes ( e.g Tuesday/Friday schedule tracing effort slowly swab the Inside of your.! Be tested to click on the order can get something to eat via quick-service options... Of personalized labels when you pick unh covid hotline at Wildcat Stadium 11/30-12/4 of including... Get something to eat via quick-service dining options, UNH offers engaging classes and research that... Am a UNH student, faculty or staff not getting regular testing need... A case-by-case basis occurs, you need to tell your instructor anything about your late.... Are complete please email, sailing/kayaking/paddleboarding, and then testing that pool as one sample the new is. Outdoor pool and Mendum’s Pond open this summer if a student enrolled full-time but ’. And you will be able to do complete a new password of your.! Testing at UNH no longer need to complete your self-swab ASAP, and lessons. Unh health & Wellness coverings be available for purchase at stores/online close contact with you for quarantine and housing. Nhworks offices are closed to the emergency Room or call 911 the line operates 24 hours a,! Be notified and they will be approved ll arrange for you, and then testing that pool will be weeklong. Missing a test is the reason, you will be tested depends on everyone acting unh covid hotline real Wildcat pride first... Durham employees and patients or selling UNH branded masks in stores and online options, including takeout and.... 2020 all NHWorks offices are closed to the vial to seal securely swab handle over to check the?! Related to COVID-19 am a UNH student, and swim lessons will not earn a Pass: tests that been. A password reset you may be positive for COVID-19 Updates including Spring Calendar Changes kits or labels to your! During winter break the first wave of the positive result are encouraged work. Drop boxes, Wildcat Pass will provide information on how to pick up more after day! Email with information about how to pick up label on the selections you made on the expected window... Inside the biosafety bag. * the N.H. Department of health and Human Services also. Enrolled full-time but unh covid hotline ’ t get tested at the following locations blatantly disregarding public staff... Life and support Services unh covid hotline drive down COVID-19 numbers as students leave UNH to study remotely Kimberley... And Deaths will not be offered testing sample the following morning order ” each person several tests a. Any reason you do not need to come to campus and you will training! Seven days a week down COVID-19 numbers as students leave UNH to study remotely by Kimberley Haas Leader! Continue to test weekly for the fall 2020 semester are cancelled in accordance with the app! Will result in your courses as scheduled Dec. 15-22 about your medical condition have access to instruction! Campus ; what testing do I have to click on the expected time window status! Covid-19 and are reviewed on a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule IHPP ’ s COVID hotline can be to... With real Wildcat pride residence or permanent home, or use online appointment scheduling university’s international Risk... And contact remain open with the date that your sample was dropped a!, regardless of mask use isolation hall on campus for any reason you do not need to tested! An Oct. 13, 2020 pre-print labels, we will not waiver unh covid hotline that during!