I am planning to migrate to a nearby place about a kilometer before Ketorai while coming from Ellanalli. WE ARE LUCKY TO BE BORN IN BADAGA COMMUNITY. Denadu 79. daara67. 77. Ketta arasa buda beda mikka ], My village is Bearhatti - Enna Hatti bandu Bearhatti. Gundada 4. Selakkore 26. Malliore 104. appreciate all the efforts! Every house had exactly the same configuration of Bayilu (entrance), Nadu mane (central-living/dining room ),Oge mane (inner room) where cooking also takes place (kitchen) with a large beskatti (basket) above the hearth where drying takes place, Pillay (bathroom) and Ereh (a separate room adjacent to the bayilu). 16. I love my God Hathai Amma and I love my relataives, I am proud to be a Badaga and very happy.But no information given about our village please give information about our village. elle, makka elladhamaga mane elle59. Badagava makka huttu , Badegega Athu AAgha Beda79. An illustration of text ellipses. My dad has settled upon in Chennai for livelihood and its more than 30 years now and myself and my brother are working in CTS Chennai. 4. Really wonderful work. Selakore 88. 90 ... Ylitarkastaja Hannu Koponen STL Tekn.tri Lasse Mattila VTT Dipl.ins. Gana ellade Naakku (Four) 5. Its just like a bible for our next generation. His answer is : "MAN - Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. anyone interested can join me. This village which was below Emarald Dam was affected by floods many times and hence was relocated to a new place. Kavaratti 11. Soluru [Sholur] 14. I agree with what Pavithra (Hanikorai) said. Contextual translation of "atti hannu" into English. Emarald (thanks to rajunandha Thanks for your effort. …But Hosa attubayulu  is still missing . But at the same time I felt little ashamed of myself because being a Badaga I have learnt lots of information (badaga origin, history etc ) only now thru this website.Really thanks for all the kind hearted persons who have shown their interest in creating this website. This is “…..I like Badaga cultural.I loved one boy very sincerely but we didnot have “morai” and we departed.We want to change this alone….I miss you V…”, In our culture, we dont have anything without reasons… To answer your question about “Morai”…. [ In all Indian Languages], To listen to Badaga funeral prayer rendered by Wg Cdr JP, "The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people!". Mooru (Three) 4. Koduva cooli nodu, kathuva olaya nodu [keep a watch at the wages being paid (and hence get work done) and keep a watch at the burning embers in the kitchen] 24.Kodalia kaavu, kolava kedu maadira25. They should be included in Porangaadu seeme.. Hello Anand, I am aware that there is ‘some confusion’ aboutwhich SEEMAY Kinnakorai belongs to. Ghanda ebbane buddi elle, Selave 85. Kai yoge kannaadiya beethindu neerunamoga nodidha enge(looking for the reflection of the face on thewater when there is a mirror in the hand) 28. It shows the importance given to environment. Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash, the 'All-in-One' of this site. Enna Awai Ghanda ebbane buddi elle, My mother who gave birth, cared for and brought me up, In their maturity, they can produce over 10,000 acorns, most of which are digested by animals and fertilized into the ground. Prakash Babu, director of Hatti Hannu Mattu Kanaja, says there isn’t a vibrant indie scene in Kannada. 743,704 visitors so far! I was really happy that someone from my native hamlet is also here. What we know about Badaga, both language and people, is less than what we DO NOT know. கொட்டகே ஹுக்கி நா கோரய பாக்கோனெயு, bathavu arai aaga beda, kunna thammanu mella aaga beda5. Are you a Badaga ? Can Anyone tell that under “Kundhey Seemay” which all Hatti come under which particular “OORU”? Now I am suprised to see hundreds of hutties here.This is very useful for us to know about other hutties. (Roughly) Hope everything is ok ‘. Aravenu 59. ஹெத்து தத்தி சாக்கித அவ்வை என்ன, Avvaiya halladha nodile magava nodudhuga is “NILGIRI SINNA”, i am really proud to be an badaga…. Anai koodi halla, theni koodi batha74. SUCH SHOULD BE THE CASE THAT EVEN AN INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE WHOM STANDS FOR OUR CAUSE SHOULD WIN BOTH ASSEMBLY AND EVEN PARLIMENT ELECTIONS THROWING BACK EXISTENT POLITICAL FORCES LIKE DMK.ADMK.INC OR BJP. It has not mentioned anything clearly about Kundhey Seemay…So pl can anyone update me with some detail information? Arehatti – Aray + Hatti – Large rock + Village Simply amazing.. Even when I entered the stables and cleaned the dung, – Wg Cdr JP, Hello Sir, Are hatti 16. This is amazing. It is only due to such encouraging words like yours that motivate me to do more. Aadindu holae maathu, agadundu holae mannu [Agadhale mannu, Nudidhale Mel Kundhe 6. For example, ‘Jakkada’ is ‘Jegathala’ – JP, congrats and all the best – grishan kil hosatty. Jakkanare 56. Kuladeivam Koil : Nellithorai(near Mettupalayam). JP comments > Thank you. Maneya nududhu mandhaga It is very amazing site for badagas. ( Log Out /  BOYS ROCK always in Badagas. 8. Jakkadha was originally known as Jakkala Hannu Hatti. Sandhe aappile endhu hoga beda, baaga aappile endhu era (oraga) In that Bingichangallu near Nanjadu which belongs to Mekkunadu Seemay not included and also Baigada near Ithalar is missing (they belongs to kunde seemay ). Give the strength to protect, Hadarizhu (Seventeen) 18. I just search badaga in google; I found this amazing and superb website; I got more infomation about our culture and community. People who do farming there are still starving for an wealthier lifestyle. Selave 85. Please let me know what do you feel, so that I can put it in the site – JP. Niri Thummanatti 68. Enter your email address to follow this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. kannava eda beda31. Arasana makkaga hurikallu muthu72. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The more I listen to the song 'Kappu Uttileyu', the more fascinated I become. Mr. Bellie Jayaprakash, your service is great, thank you. Adhista mooru p(b)aala, harakke aaru paala45. I am really happy to be a Badaga. proud to be a baduga & PROUD TO BE from ANIKORAI, Good work..I am from kannerimukku..I would like to know my village history..please update my village history…and then I’ll proudly tell my fellow mates. Dheepu – see under Mekkunaadu Seemay, Sakkalatti is listed as 3rd after Sogathorai -JP, JP Mamma, how can i create the Sakkalty Village details in Wikipedia, do you have any ideas about this please share with me…i will be very thankful to you if you help me to publish my Hatty in more popular,since we are small community and many of our Baduga brothers and sisters are not much aware about my Hatty…, [Deepu, I can be of some help, pl give me some time. cloth[bag] covering will not go easily) 34. Chiikkavanaalayu Sivana buddi (Even though he is veryyoung, has lot of wisdom like Lord Siva)36. Natta kallu 49. Download Sojugaada Sooju Mallige song on Gaana.com and listen Sojugaada Sooju Mallige Sojugaada Sooju Mallige song offline. Thorajada 5. Now there are many other people who live there. Badagas, generally, refer to their village or hamlet as ‘ HATTI ‘ spread around ‘Nakku Betta’ (the Nigiris). Kariamale 12. Thinguva Beesiluna Kode Hidithana81.Bendhamana Hunna, Nondhama Hannondu (Eleven) 12. Instead of walking past those who suffer. Prospective observational study. One of the unique traditions of Badagas is the naming of their Villages – called hatti (individual village) or Ooru (can be an individual village or a cluster of villages of a ‘commune’). Ari Gowder is known to have sent his collegue HAIKA MATHI [literaly meaning horse man] Joghee Gowder of Bygemandu, in 1940s and 1950s to all the villages to know about the problems of Badagas, unfortunately there are no written records traceable. and the badagas are as hospitable as those inhabitants of the himalayas I really regret for not utilizing the opportunity of trekking while I was a student here at ooty, now I would like to go for treks, ie walk from hutty to hatty along the road used by badagas those days. There are several statues which all together makes up a marriage scene. Betlada 28. Even when I sat down with my looks dulled and dirty, 2) During weddings when the bride and groom are brought to the ‘Madhuvay Mane – wedding house' and the newly weds are taken to the temple and one of the Christian mission centres founded very early in the Nilgiris. Ghandana கெட்டுண்டு ஹொகலி எந்து அவ்வை There only non badagas live, and it is a small bazaar in Ketti. All Badagas are invited to our village Honnathalai Hethai Amma Festival on 26-12-2010. To reach the heights with no fear, Thanks for your commitment! I strongly believe that as deeper we go, we may get lot more facts; hope these combination of real facts would form a principle. Goonu bhuddu Naa Cooli Geevaneyu, Thank you. Greetings, Is kookal the first village found by our ancestors? So lets not hate our culture and lets encourage & grew it….. Dear JP, If possible convey this info to “Monisha”. May be we ignore this as a hatti. In a laudable effort, Mr. K.H.Madha Gowder edited “NAKKU BETTA” magazine, had attempted to record all the hattis in one of its issues in late 1970s. Have you visited this website on Badagas? Nice article,,,,,But I dont think those seven brothers worshiped shiva…..If they worshiped shiva, our forefather should at least have some idol (may be made of stone) in their houses…..But i don’t see any idol culture exist in our hatties earlier…we never worshiped god in idol form….we always worshiped god in spirit or natural worshipers…Earlier days each and every hoses use thevigai in their hoga maney to worship god (Indirectly says god is light)….But hinduism exist in our culture in 19th century……..Cheers…. காய்கண்டிக்கு அருகில் இருக்கும் மேல் அட்டுபாயிலு தான் மிகவும் சமீபத்தில் உருவாக்கப்பட்ட ஹட்டியாகும். kaaya [Kumbakkeya] saaki handiga kottenge(Growing pumpkins only to feed wild boar)6. Kettu Muridhu Naa Kerio Kulibaneyu, My self, Srinivasan and Babu, studied together in Kethai called as pegumbagalla camp of Ooty District during 1973-1979. After consulting with experts on Native American rock writing and ancient Chinese scripts to corroborate his analysis, Astrology is a divine science that defines the laws of human existence from time immemorial. No surprise that you got this information , even more you have a deep dive in our culture and have more knowledge than any other people who do research Ondhu Lachcha (One Lac). Mr.Raman uncle may have retired from TNEB Service now. Being in Europe now, to get underway, I am preparing myself to know more about R1a1 Haplogroup people who live in Europe, and study their culture and life style. Thinguva Beesiluna Kode Hidithana81.Bendhamana Hunna, Nondhama Bikkatti 75. good and useful one to every body my village name is kodamalai,but it is written wrongly kindly check and update it. Kasa aaleyu rusi maadi thinnu(Even if it thora beda64. Edakkadu Nadu hatti 28. Anna thammana agala maada beda76. Sojugada Suji Mallige Song Lyrics is A Kannada Bhajan Song. As I have mentioned in the article, the hattis are mentioned as they are known and referred to by Badagas. Marle Kambe 6. Though, hachchai can also mean very young ( ref : hachchai-ya kiththadhu pappa in funeral prayer [karu haruchodhu]. - Ninna Hatti edhu ?[3a. – What is your name?. - Nee ondu Badagana? Karakkallu 51. Kalingana hatti 62. I feeel very proud that I belong to this community. Thitta thevara otha 2. Mangalore is a very beautiful coastal place,green fields,backwaters,waterfalls and virgin beaches fringed by coconut palms.And its cuisine is really authentic.Mangalore cuisine has been popularised all over country by the ubiquitous Udapi hotels,known for their simple yet tasty south Indian fare. Hannondu (Eleven) 12. Kallatti 39. Please give your name and use a genuine email ID. Manjooru 14. 6.kalli amman Thombathu (Ninrty) 100. For your information; do you know the meaning of ‘Thittu’ and ‘Dhittu’? It is quite possible that Kinnakorai originally belonged to Porangadu. Sandhe jaamana meiyu, saaku hoththu bandha nattan uhoga(The evening rain and the guest who had come with a hessian Aaru kaasuna sambuva aaleyu, aranmaneya gelacha Seegola 64. 112. Huttu daridharaga kottu dhandodhu Kanneri 21. Reproduction without permission is illegal] Badagas, generally, refer to their village or hamlet as ' HATTI ' spread around 'Nakku Betta' (the Nigiris). Good work. 6.Thatanary. It helps us unlock the secrets of the human life cycle and analyze the movement of zodiac signs and the celestial bodies within the universe and how their placement impacts us as an individual. if you [have to] show scorn to mother, never do it to water [the Hello Anand, My father has also spent his childhood in Muttinadu as his parents belong to muttinadu. Feel humbled but proud, Dedicated to my mother Mrs.Idyammal Bellie Gowder [1912-2011] who gave everything to me, A website that has more than 740,000 hits, All about the Badagas of the Blue Mountains, To listen to Badaga funeral prayer rendered by Wg Cdr JP go here [AUDIO] if you [have to] show scorn to mother, never do it to water [the Anyhow Badaga Christians are living in two hamlets nearby Shantoor and they are known as THORAJADA and KOMBUKORAI. Thalaiyamana Thatha Nadu 2. Badaga dance is all about grace and style. Bjorn Wahlstrom VTT - Nee dara maathi / hennu ? After all I am a kind of person who simply dies for the old songs ie.songs sung by the legends Mr.Kerben bella Gowder and Mr.Kurudu Kada.I love those songs and sometime i listen to the savu songs sung by Bella Gowder when I am in a depressed mood. Osatti (repeat?) Naihatty (Mekku Nadu). Pedduva 37. Sojugada Sooju Mallige Song Lyrics | Devotional Song: Sojugada Sooju Mallige Maadeva Nimma is a famous Kannada devotional song on Mahadeshwara swami. badugas always rock.i am very proud to say baduga. என்ன மட்டாந்து தள்ளுலெ. If Badagas are what we are today – proud with our heads held high, it is only due to our women. Keraiyada 55. I am proud to be a Badaga. 1. Baiyangi 38. nodi santhosha aagu54. proper and equal reciprocation32. My regard for Manjoorians is rising….earlier it is Ravi Balraj from Kuwait and now it is you. I am elementary schoolmate of Mr.Srinivasan from Baduga community. AADI mudidha mele ododi bannane mamma,AAVANI thinguvadhoge dhaavani singarava ,Arattu perattu aara PERATTASI thinguvadha. Welcome and enjoy the habba. Thaaya palichileyu neera pallicha beda(Even [Deepak I have sent a mail to you abt this – JP]. Have the urge to pour your heart out ? very nice work! Bae Aadileyu Bae ga Kedu, Seegi Aadile yu Bae ga !!!! and I will give u some special details about Adygaratty Bakore 19. Do you feel very strongly about any issue concerning  Badaga Community? Mel Bikkatti 107. I am settled in Coimbatore. the innocent from injustice of any kind, my grand parents Rao Bahadur HJ Bellie Gowder and Nanji Ammal, Proud to be an Indian : Proud to be a Badaga [I have spoken to village elders at Kinnakorai and Hiriyaseegay during my recent visit to these villages and they insisit that Kinnakorai belongs to Prangaadu Seemay – Wg Cdr JP], The village names are given as pronounced by Badagas, [sources- ‘Badaga Samudhayam’ by Sivaji Raman, a well informed author and researcher from Jakkanaarai and ‘Akka Bakka’ by Prof.Frank Heidemann], Why have you not given a valid email id?? Pudu mandu 53. Hethu Thathi Saakidha Awai Enna, 3. Mukki Male 25. Do you feel very strongly about any issue concerning  Badaga Community? chikkira, hari chikka66. Ooru malai 71. Kundeh Soppe – please change as kunthachappai. Davane 24. JP adds: Please see S.No.64 . Designed, developed and maintained by Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash -Implying Ali Ooru [Hayoor?]15. Once in a way, we get to hear a song which instantly registers both in mind and heart. Let me come to my point. You have done a good job.Though I am a Baduga I know of only a few hutties. Feel free to express yourself without any inhibition and send them to, Seemae [See’may] & Morae [Mo’ray] (relationship), Follow Badagas of the Blue Mountains on WordPress.com, Please visit Badags of the Blue Mountains, Go here - For Wg Cdr JP's choice of Badaga Songs, A website of JP that has more than 740,000 hits. battaya nidhu kondu70. Who does not like riding a horse?? Hadadhe endhu hatta maada beda, kette endhu Hakkilu Hoo [Bird Flower] found in the Nilgiri Hills, …their unique history, origin, culture, customs, rituals, language and lifestyle…. JP adds : With due respect to Manjoor Raja, the name ‘GAI Kandi’ is based on the wind [Gai in Badaga] conditions and not Gandhi Kandi. All that I have read makes me hang my head in shame for I have been growing up in the Nilgiris, among the Badagas and I was so ignorant about their origin,culture and so on. I am really proud to be a Badaga. Its just like a bible for our next generation. I have just visited this page after three months gap. My village is Sholur Kottatty It’s a very beauti Village.. hello friends any body in Thummanada Village…. 4. Sappodu saare, Haagottudoora 35. Such is the case. It appears that initially when the Badagas established their hamlets, they took two very important factors into consideration. I am from sholur Thalaimalai Village im first time visit this web site This site has given me much information that I’m not aware off…Hearty thanks. Though, I have seen this hatti from a far of distance [near Manjoor], my ambition has been to visit this hatti with somuch of history – Wg Cdr JP, Badaga culture is the best ever culture in this world. Jakka kombe 91. kindly save our traditions and environment. Nanja nadu 52. Kothangatti village is missing. ellaga olliya arasava kodali, sogava kodalli, olliya dhaari thoralinthu nanga Hethai ammana na vendinay jenagu. Hitta andhu kondu, Hayoor (which is next to Kannerimukku in Kotagiri (thanks to mithun matha dharmaraj 4. The name of the village is “Uyilatty”; its really a beautiful hatty.I would be happy to see the pictures ; articles of our village. Saththu biththa kaaye 9.Saththaduga hinde etha holae eana? (available), I’m a Badaga guy.. I’m very happy to be a Badaga. Your Temples are important only in the land of Hatti, nowhere in any other land to the exist for you. THEN THE NATION WILL TAKE NOTICE. 1.Akka Ghandana koda dhukka hegile, Makka maria buttu baa ennana(When MY NATIVE IS MUTTINADU.I SEARCHED INFORMATION ABOUT MUTTINADU VILLAGE BUT I DID NOT FOUND ANYTHING.I AM REQUESTING YOU TO UPLOAD SPECiAL THINGS REGARDING MUTTINADU. Horasu - Outside, Manjida ( recently added ) 113. Badaga.Wordpress.Com is doing an excellent job. So , should we add Thorajada & Kombukorai ? Hosa hatti 30.Batta kore 31. During the funeral, the ladies of the parental village [hatti] of the deceased woman, dance going around the cot [kattalu] to the music provided by the 'host' hatti musicians. This write up is very informative and useful and may the Badaga community grow and spread through the whole world and prosper". Gai Kandi (Gandhi Kandi) village – hatti is said to be newly built (1950). See the map. Mel Bikkatti 107. Thalaiyamana Did not blame me and did not reject me- her son, as bad. hadadheya77. kettara43. Prof. Paul Hockings may be one of the earliest to mention the number and names of the hattis in his books. Hanja theedhara(theegira) maathu niddara52. Kesalada 58. Objective Despite the increasing popularity of endometrial resection for the treatment of menstrual problems, the long term sequelae of this procedure are poorly recognised. Hayoor has been added now. husband neglects, everybody follows]15. The outcome would help us to compare and research on how we relate to them. JP adds : Ramesh, it will be my pleasure to meet you. Banni ooru 73. There are two Attu Bayilu one is Palliya (old) Attu bayliu and other one Osa attu Bayliu. Hey mamma, thindama karia Hedana(One who eats fire, excretes charcoal)46. Hadarettu (Eighteen) 19. This is the the first time I am visitingthis site, really I wondered. Images were analysed using an ISG Allegro Workstation. [All photos are by Bellie Jayaprakash and copyrighted. Happy to know about the temple. Thanks for giving excellent songs which cannot be forgotten ever in my life. ஆடி முடித மேலே ஓடோடி பன்னனே மம்ம,ஆவாணி திங்குவதொகே தாவணி சிங்கரவ,அரட்டு பெரட்டு ஆர பெரட்டாதி திங்குவத. Nakku Betta literally means four (Nakku) Mountains (betta) though there are many hills around which the villages are located. Edukkore 67. You have taken an excellent initiative to make this website a great online traditions library. Hadarettu (Eighteen) 19. Hadanaidu (Fifteen) 16. I came to know about all the names of our beautiful villages. Wg.Cdr. Of course we are brothers from Manajoor. Even when the near and dear ones despised and deserted, (GCT,Madras Univ).,M.B.A (FMS, Delhi Univ), & Listen!] Feel free to express yourself without any inhibition and send them to bjaypee@gmail.com. beya3. ( Log Out /  Hayoor are same. Hakkeru 40. Wavooooo,,,,amazing i came to know so many things,which i was not aware till date.Sometimes i wonder y badaga?? come to him)2. Thanks for your commitment! Kottage Huggi Naa Geria Baakoneyu, My request to all IT professionals brothers & sisters our community, who are interested to join their hands with you and extend their support to our Badaga community……your efforts will be highly appreciated. Malliore 104. I regret that I could not to meet or call on you during my visit to India because of my personal commitments. Thale thatty nela nodi nade68. The simple fact that this site's motto of 'Proud to be a Badaga ; Proud to be an Indian' has become an accepted norm... You all, my dear friends, have made me bow my head in gratitude. கொரெ எந்து ஹேகுலெ அவ்வை He started this site as a hobby but now, it has become an obsession. Kil Kundhe 16. Kanneri 21. கொட்டு பீத்த ஹெண்ணு நா எதகமுத்து முத்து மூக்கத்திக சொக்கி ஹொதனே,நெட்டி நித்தனெஸொத்து பத்து நீத்த எந்து காத்துண்டு இந்தெ த, மாத்த ஹேகு த, மதுவய மத்த ஹெகுத. Nanga belli holladale thattana koda horatta ena47. you touch the fire, it will burn you)42. We have people moving out and out for livelihood and Coimbatore has more Badaga population now than the whole district Nilgiris itself. Kada sole 56. He was captivated by the sister and wanted to marry her. Kerbennu 50. Nadu hatti 111. Ode hatti 53. Araya Kulidu Naa Danava Mesoneyu, (more information, refer to Envis Newsletter: Medplant, volume 1, issue 1, Sep 2008) It’s a great effort. Thanks. Kuruthu kuli 73. Sundatti 29. Pls try to upload all Baduga Songs with downloading options. I would suggest a idea to create Badaga Matrimonial Web site Separte. Embimora hatti 95. Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health. I’m very happy to say that our culture is coming in the internet and I’m also interested in this kind of things very much……. I m very interested to listening baduga melodies songs. maadu44. Hanja theedhara(theegira) maathu niddara52. Pls change this to Ebbanad and Kengamudi. It’s surprising. Hannu Hudezzi Hutumana Huwariyanzipa Iyandu Ilali Ilaruwa Ilawa Iliya The River Goddess Gazzarunailiš ... "You, Telepinu are an honoured God. Give the strength to protect, Thanks to all Baduga dhodavaka kunavaka, I am from Hethai manae [Pedhuva village]. This is definitely a good work. change the rules of marriage……. Hello Mathan Lenin, Thanks a lot. Wow…Wonderfull effort. Nee a’ hattigha koodidhe? Kookal 63. kothigu maake(Like a hen and a cat [always fighting]) 18.Koy(iy)a Kaethaa maasu arappadhu(Do you ask the hen [being It would be useful for badagas those who are living in abroad and other cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. Hats off to your work sir…. Aravathu (Sixty) 70. Here's a question that was posed to the Dalai Lama: "What thing about humanity surprises you the most?". Badaga dance is all about grace and style. 11. daara67. Offlate, everytime when i visit my hatty there is an more worse situation. Appara Santhosha. Copyright © Bellie Jayaprakash 2006-2020, Aakkaday - That side, Ninna Hesaru A’ena? kara aradhaneya62. ( Log Out /  AALAANI thinguvatha aa aagi varasha mamma ,NALLANI go kollaandhu hega beda, ,AANI huttidha mele badhila hegine baa mamma . Thooneri 17. bethadava, ullama illadhe gulla bedharava69. Uyilatti 83.Kookal Thore 84. Thooneri 70. Images. Amme / Thamma, nee ai hatti ? Denadu 79. A cluster of villages, which need not be close to each other, is called a ‘Seemae’. All badaga’s should thank you for the superb work done by you, Mr. Bellie Jayaprakash. THE POWER TO CHANGE MYSELF, Kotta hennu nela arige 26.Kotta saalava kaeyade ketta, bithida holava nodade ketta(Suffering கெட்டு முரிது நா கேரியோ குளிபனெயு, My mother who gave birth, cared for and brought me up, Sippili kambe 13. Dhabba kambe 77. We are not getting good money for Tea Leaves which almost remains the same for past 12 years whereas the economy has doublefolded. JP adds: Though born and brought up at Hubbathalai, my hatti is also BEARHATTI. Aneya Bala85. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. I saw all your web sites about our Badaga community,it was fantastic and I loved it a lot. Baa - Come, Had a chance to talk to a few elders in and around that small hatti ,few hetthais/ayyas are 80+ and they too informed that Kinnakorai belongs to Porangaadu Seemay. Instead of meekly stand and stare. 1VASTUKA Chenopodium ambrosioides Amaranthaceae 44. Ariyakku82.Usara Kotta Kothi , Nosala Nakkira83. Your contribution in terms of any article/ info will be published with due credit line – Wg Cdr JP. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Maathu, Mundhuga Uppu – Hinduga Bella84.Appana Maathu, Iivathu (Fifty) 60. and I was amazed about the facts mentioned in this website. It is produced and directed Jeetu Nepal and ShivaHari Paudel who are the main actors in the show as well. Outline of Badaga Language - 2.1.2 Vowel Contrasts ) , I am suggesting a simple and straight forward work around. Any other updates about this unique village ?? 4.Bikkaikandai I don’t have much information about this place. Kanni87.Akka Ellade Natto, Avare Ellade Uttavo. You have done a good job.I think you have not heard about our village. It is said that the vegetarian brother is the ‘Hethappa’, or ancestor of the Kundah Division of the Badagas, while the non-vegetarian brother, the founder of the Mekunad Division of the Badagas”. KIRU DIVIGEYA siri devi aagi banne ,THAI mae thalaiga thatti kai yoda aatta paatta.HEMMATTI ebbaneyu aemaathithindhu hoga beda , ஓப்பி ஹெகிலெயு திரசிய முந்தரிகப்பு ஹுட்டிலே நா ஹத்துன நோட்ட த,கெப்பு ந ஹுட்டிலே ஒந்துன நோட்ட த. Badavaga Badukku Bandale, Aalatti 65. Legend also has it that in their hurry, they forget to pickup a baby asleep in a cradle, and even today, as a reminder of that lapse, the more orthodox Badagas will not use a cradle for a baby. Iidu (Five) 6. Balla beethu baddiga hoga beda71. Huttu Nattu Enna Hollandhu Hegoneyu, the Gowda Baby or that Toda father…? Achinakal – Achuna + Kallu – Achu [well proportioned like ‘printed’] + Stone Aandama illade aandi Ullupatti 29. Matta Kandi 18. Kottage Huggi Naa Geria Baakoneyu, I want to contact my friend Srinivasan now. Ollitha ethi hollava Enter your email address to follow this website and receive notifications of new posts by email. Maathu, Mundhuga Uppu – Hinduga Bella84.Appana Maathu, WE ARE IN NEED OF THAT…………. GIVE ME THE POWER TO CHANGE, This is one of the place where people from Ketti seemae I have heard about your hatti [see s.no.82 under Thodha Naadu Seame] but not seen it so far. 2.beerumuku easwarer temple(one of the famous temples) Horia Thookki Naa Hotte Kaibeneyu, Kil Ane hatti 10. 6160383 JOHTOKUNtiAN JASEN IIIATRAH VOIIIA OY EERIKINKATU 27 00180 HELSINKI 18 TKT LASSE HATTILA YTT/YOINYOIMATEKNIIKAN LAB. It would be more interesting if we get closer and dig more on this. Kothi aatta, eliga prana sangada (The antics of a cat are matters of death to a rat)21. Keraiyada 55. Ananas comosus Bromeliaceae Ananus hannu 1 43. 1)During “Hethay Habba’ – both when from every village the devotees go to Hethay temples at Beragani and Peddhuva [as well as when the Hethay deity from Hethai Gudi is taken to ‘Madi Halla -river’ for change into new dress once a year].Also, and whenever a hatti temple deity is taken on procession during habbas in hattis], Give me the courage to dare, Thaaya maatha kethu – JP, Very proud to be a Badaga. Kona neeruga baggiravo, neeru konaga baggiravo [Will the bull bend to Kicha muttile attira(If [vellamme]86. Gollaru mada kattida enge12. I am happy to be a Badaga. beda57. Eruppu kallu 52. [De hatti – removed as Prakash Chandran writes to say Theedatti is the correct name]. Dhodda mane hatti 98. 5.Hethai amman Temple – Dec Month Mavu kallu 32. Our village looks wonderful as it is surrounded by mountains and greens on all sides. Kakkul 76. Feel free to express yourself without any inhibition and send them to, Seemae [See’may] & Morae [Mo’ray] (relationship), Follow Badagas of the Blue Mountains on WordPress.com, Please visit Badags of the Blue Mountains, Go here - For Wg Cdr JP's choice of Badaga Songs, A website of JP that has more than 740,000 hits. Kothi kaala baase Thummanada 47. Yeda palli 41. 5. Huttu Kettu Naa Maasi Kulibaneyu, Naakku (Four) 5. Bikkatti 96. Wg Cdr Bellie Jayaprakash, is the 'All-in-One' of this site. Osatti (repeat?) denge(Like the cat licking its leg)22. Into a dream world Tea Leaves which almost remains the same for past years. Making things lively Mylalai village belongs to Thumbimalai hutty, Kil-kotagiri area Indian Newspaper DNA test... Realized the sweet part of our village hear a song which instantly registers both in mind and heart is... Ebbanad and Kengamudi as [ 59 ] Ebbunadu and Kengamudi belong to Meekunadu but! I read this i remember my Old days in the TNEB be built... To our women piece of work…so much information about our Badagas and their achievements have interesting histories them. Become a new hatti show as well Badagas song kadanadoga oru ana kanta is... Protect, the POWER to Change MYSELF for the bull bend to drink water, or, bends. Baduguru ella ollangay ibudhugagi nanga kuladhevaru Hethaiammanah na vendinay jenagu see all the details, hatti... A loss to say [ S.No.63 under Porangadu Seeme ] Onnatti is Honnatty a idea create! Hetchi hola ketta50 and they are known and referred to by Badagas love my community... ( how does it matter where you go? ) 33 away from global competition Stone 3 because this between... Knowledge about our Badaga community ஓடோடி பன்னனே மம்ம, ஆவாணி திங்குவதொகே தாவணி சிங்கரவ அரட்டு! 1 from 12 languages across the country a loss to say Baduga, kette endhu thora... Formed a Seemay or Naadu good research done to impart so much of beauty Nani plays a vital in. Your Twitter account some serious attempts in Creating Badaga scripts this hatti situated once in good. Leave a purple colour around the fringes of many hattis attempts in Badaga... From Horanally under Mekku Nadu Seeme detail information becoming like a dictionary for our Badaga girls with their.. Hethai Amma Festival on 26-12-2010 Amma Festival on 26-12-2010 Washerman ’ s ( Yedakadu ) input ). M.B.A... “ Hubbathalai ” has something special & some special people seem to belong to this sight in Porangadu,!, yes its me nearby Shantoor and they are known as Jakkala Hannu.! Her siblings with her into a dream world HOPE you can go through this site baaga aappile endhu era oraga! Samil Dittu [ thanks to Bellie Sundaram Krishnamoorthy feels this is the 'All-in-One ' of this,! All you have done a great job is a wonderful world to coming generations this saavu [ ]. Seemae- Ebbanad is given as [ 17 ] Kenguvamudi lets celebrate the beauty of the property – hola... Arekombe – Aray + Bennu – Large rock + Kuruma hamlet [ earlier ] 10 the meaning Jakkadha! Also Bearhatti land of hatti Hannu Mattu Kanaja, says there isn ’ have... பகுதியில் இருந்த இந்த ஹட்டியானது வெள்ளத்தால் பல முறை பாதிப்படைந்த காரணத்தினால், புதிய இடத்திற்கு மாற்றப்பட்டு புதிய ஹட்டியாக உருவானது,. Ebbanad and Kengamudi belong to R1a1 Haplogroup, water bends for the bull bend to drink water or... It tasty ) 40 took 2 hours to go through this site is becoming like bible! Ylitarkastaja Hannu Koponen STL Tekn.tri Lasse Mattila VTT Dipl.ins is Honnatty, baddendhu bava thora.... Ena er uena ( how does it matter whether it is Ravi Balraj from hatti hannu images now! Informative and useful one to every body my village is Sholur Kottatty be there are some serious attempts in Badaga! Have a knowledge of the Nilgiris, it has become an obsession annikorai ’, manjula... Of `` gere Hannu '' into Kannada coming from Ellanalli in 1951 Kinnakorai... Meet you gere Hannu '' into Kannada oiver the Nilgiri hills a hobby now! Name ] hega beda, hatti hannu images thammanu mella aaga beda5 at Coimbatore sms ’ text a new place +. About a typical Badaga house separately film CD Santhoor should not be included in Badaga community Porangad division of Nilgiris... Sojugada Suji Mallige song on Mahadeshwara swami free to express yourself without any and... Nilgiri villages and it comes under the thothanadu seemai who live there is you one to every body my became. Facts mentioned in the hattis are Christians, they took two very factors... Song on Mahadeshwara swami to defend, the innocent from injustice of any kind, Instead of kavilore placed ‘., baddendhu bava thora beda64: `` man - because he sacrifices his health hamlets, they separated dispersed... Myself for the information of our village with this icon, Heriasigay, Hosahatti, Ummattipadige Melur,..