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Afrikaans Church

Afrikaans Church

Corne and Pat arrive with their daughters, Tania, Liesl and Vicki, in January 1987.   The move from Pretoria is based on a request by a small group of fervent disciples of Jesus. The aim was that Corné would serve at teacher for a small group who met in a garage in Burger Street 65. Corne and Pat were pastors at Hatfield Christian Church. In their search for God and the discovery of their own vision it was possible to make the journey from one of the largest churches to such a small group without feeling that something was lost!

The existing fraternity already expressed a strong leadership basis and Corne and Pat only had to give the visionary pace. Soon it seemed that the existing philosopies were too unique and radical to draw crowds.  The leadership, however, tried to remain true  to their interpretation of the Kingdom. God worked through them and poured tons of grace upon waiting and eager brothers and sisters.

From the beginning of the church it was clear that men and women camps would be an instrument for spiritual renewal and evangelization. Personal discipleship was always a reality. Words like: integrity, accountability (stewardship) loyalty and subservience soon formed a part of their everyday vocabulary.

During January 1991, the church officially received a new name and the first official leadership is constitutionally ordained. The church soon began talking about vision and about  the principal of cell as both shepherding and discipleship tools.  For a 18-month period great attention was given to the establishing of cell leaders.

Soon the church started to show healthy growth. Problems, however, were experienced with accommodation for the Sunday Services.  First we needed to find room for 100 people, then  200 and later 400. In 1994 it was decided to build our own building. With R10 000 in the bank, the leadership decided to take a step on the water and within 30 days R100 000 was donated by a widow and later R200 000 through donations from the congregation.

A multipurpose building was completed in 1995 and is called "The Potter's House." In this building a day school for 100 learners is offered, regular services are held, and many word school classes as well as evening lectures offered. 

Our desire is that the Potter will touch each person who enters  this building and transform them into His image!