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Welcome to Agapé

Thank you for visiting Agapé today. We are normal people who have a common interest - we receive Jesus Christ as Lord and are beginning to learn to live a new life in a new way.

At Agapé, you will:

  • Experience the presence of God
  • Meet new friends
  • Enjoy beautiful Christian music
  • Receive practical messages to encourage you
  • Discover that your children are important too

The purpose of the church is simple yet dynamic:

  • Experience the Lordship of Christ together ...
  • To proclaim God's love to our world ...
  • To create an environment within which you can discover and develop your gifts and ministry...
  • To develop prophetical leadership for every facet of society ...
  • We believe that your visit to Agape will be a significant experience.

Hand in hand with Him and you
Corne van Niekerk (Visionary)