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How can I get help?

How can I get help?


These life-changing seminars have been presented for the last 16 years.  The family is the cornerstone of our community.  To invest in a marriage is an investment in the generations to come.

These seminars are presented four times a year by the same team of presenters that have presented this seminar for the last 16 years.

Two pre-marital seminars are also presented for couples who are about to get married.  They are hereby prepared for the marriage which lies ahead.

Foster care support groups

Substitute care is part of the broken world in which we now live.  Many families are more than willing to take in children for foster care, but the long-term responsibility is sometimes too much.  These groups try to offer training and emotional support to the families involved, so that we can offer these children a hope for the future.

Mourning support

How do you handle and process the death of a loved one? There are certain topics any person would just rather avoid.  Death is one of these topics.  Everyone hopes that this uninvited guest never makes an appearance at their front door.  When death eventually does strike, it is tragic to each one that has lost someone…it breaks a person’s heart and your whole life into a thousand small pieces.  You are thrown into the deep end, because obviously you are not prepared for this.  Even if you are prepared, it stays something very difficult to go through.  Please read further…

Hope after divorce

The individual going through a divorce feels rejected, confused and sometimes maladjusted.  This course is an 8 week course that helps the individual to move past the pain and rejection of divorce to a place of hope and healing.  This course is presented once a year after the July holidays.

AGAPÉ counselling and trauma centre

Agapé has a group of expert counsellors that serve our community.  Regular training and supervision contribute to knowledge in certain areas, and thus there is focused on marriage counselling, trauma debriefing, personal counselling, theophostic counselling and play therapy for children.

Child Assessment
Career Guidance
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