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Agapé Childrens Ministry

Agapé Childrens Ministry

Agape Children’s Church is committed to reach children between the ages of 3 and 12 years of age with the God News of our King, Jesus.  We follow an integrated programme which accommodates visual, auditive as well as kinetic learners.  Weekly presentations include the following which is implemented on a rotation basis:

  • Large group presentations in which memorization of the Word and suitable texts take place, along with Praise and Worship sessions and ministering to each child according to his/her unique needs.
  • Creative presentations in the form of dramas, puppet shows, visual depictions and multi-media presentations.
  • Small group discussions which focus mainly on reviewing previous lessons learned, associative activities, games and life applications.
  • Activities to do at home are also given to the children so as to remind them during the week of the various foundations that have been laid.

Lessons are centred on the various Bible characters and their unique paths they walked with God.  Lesson material does not only focus on specific story lines and memorization of contents, but also emphasizes core principals and the personal application of each principal.  The curriculum is written quarterly and that which is dealt with in the main services is incorporated into the material.  This ensures that at all times the children are integrated into the specific vision of the congregation and church.

Each volunteer is aware of how special children are in the sight of God, and that they truly are a gift from the hand of God.  It is because of this reason that we, as a team, are determined and passionate in promoting the following aspects:

  • The Spiritual development of each individual
  • Laying down firm Biblical foundations
  • Forming Christ-like characteristics
  • Highlighting the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Activating individual passion and servitude
  • Discovering their identity and worth in Jesus
  • Motivating children to discover their own gifts and talents, and establishing the necessary opportunities for them to use these for the Kingdom
  • The establishment of young people who are based and rooted into God’s plan for their lives.